Legislator Call-Out Time!

Folks, the time has come to call-out your legislators publicly to get them behind the Hailey’s Law proposal.  You need to email them, call their office, post on their Facebook pages, get them to this website and the Hailey’s Law page on Facebook.

20,000+ followers on Facebook, 300,000 page viewers in ONE WEEK, and the website jumped from page 8 to almost the entire first page of Google when searching “haileyslaw.com” with NO paid advertising to get it there.  YOU did that!

Please drop a comment here with your politician’s name if you’ve asked them to review the proposal for Hailey’s Law and to take quick action to help prevent another unnecessary delay by the red-tape in the Amber alert procedure.

Missouri House districts:

Here is the list of the Missouri House:http://www.house.mo.gov/member.aspx

Missouri Senate Districts:

Here is the list of the Missouri Senate:

130 – Rep Messenger
131 – Rep Anderson
132 – Rep Norr
133 – Rep Burlison
134 – Rep Haahr
135 – Rep Hough
136 – Rep Austin
137 – Rep Fraker

157 – Rep Moon (for our friends in Lawrence County)

House leadership – Rep Ron Richard, Rep Tim Jones.

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