Hailey’s Law – proposal

Below you will find Hailey’s Law as a proposal to our legislators.  Remember, this is about confirmed abductions as well as eliminating the red-tape delay that was present in the Hailey Owens case so that Amber Alerts can be issued in a rapid fashion when confirmation exists.  If this grows to a national effort, then the Missouri portion can be transitioned to a national meaning.

Hailey’s Law
In honor of Hailey Owens

Be it that seconds and minutes count in ceasing a child abduction and recovering an abducted child, similar delays to that involving the case of Hailey Owens that occurred on February 18th, 2014 in Springfield, Missouri where two hours passed prior to the issuance of an Amber alert and one hour passed for the notification of local media as a result of current procedure shall not be tolerated within the State of Missouri.

In conjunction with RSMO 210.1012 and RSMO 210.1013

Notwithstanding any department policy or other provision of law to the contrary, upon law enforcement’s receipt of notification of a child abduction, law enforcement shall take immediate action to verify that an abduction has occurred.  Upon verification that a child abduction has occurred, an Amber Alert shall be issued and the media shall be contacted with the pertinent information, both of which shall occur within 15 minutes of confirmation that a child abduction has occurred.

                It shall be the duty of all law enforcement agencies in the State of Missouri to assist in the facilitation of expediting this process with their local media as well as the Missouri Department of Public Safety for the rapid issuance of an Amber Alert in the State of Missouri.

The following was proposed to a law enforcement officer with the Police Chief’s Association: Since the fail-safe for a technology failure is a phone-in, why not reverse think this process and have it be phone-in first, reading right off the clearance form, with paperwork support after since the MSHP is likely going to independently verify the information on the form for clearance purposes.

It has also been suggested to legislators that the step of NCIC input be the responsibility of the MSHP to help eliminate this step locally since the request could be denied by the MSHP.

22 thoughts on “Hailey’s Law – proposal”

  1. I don’t understand how there could have been numerous eye witnesses at the abduction site who had a license plate number and a description of the vehicle. Reports claim that people actually chased the kidnapper. WHY did 3 hours pass, a murder and clean up take place when they had enough information to find this guy. They could have stopped this.

    1. I agree with the the proposed amber alert. BUT, why didnt the police radio in the plate and then dispatch local cops to his parents then dispatch to here. To dispatch to the kidappers house and enter with probable cause. Maybe 30 mins tops. They waited outside til he came home. ABSURD!

  2. I agree, too much time went by. Hailey could have been saved with all info on car description and license plate. APB should have went out immediately and Amber Alert. It seems God had other plans for Hailey this law should definitely take effect immediately before we get a copy cat out here that tries to take another innocent child.

  3. I am very upset it took so long for anyone to find out she was taken. I believe if the alert would have gotten out sooner she might still be here.

  4. I definitely agree, time is of the essence. If it can be helped at all, let’s not let another child slip through our fingers PLEASE!

  5. no matter if its a false alarm, lets over react instead of under react. Hailey law must be passed to protect our children. The news senting a breaking news cast is not enough. We receive Amber alerts on our phones and we could have been aware of the situation and be watching. Statistics show the child is already dead before the Amber alert goes out with the way it is now. We all have children in our lives that we love and care about, NOBODY deserves this

  6. My family and i live only 4 blocks from where she was found. If we had maybe had the amber alert sooner….we heard the sirens…we had no idea. so where do we begin and sign the petition to get this made law? put my name on it. please.

    1. Copy it from the website, leave it unaltered, and send it to your politicians. Remember to give the website credit as the author. If a petition becomes necessary, such action will be taken.

  7. It is absolutely ridiculous that this man had time to kill the child and clean up the crime scene, when they could have had his address within minutes of the first 911 call…..this is failure of our system as usual…..otherwise we wouldn’t have the astronomical numbers of missing children in the first place….if the media spent as much time looking for them as they do looking for the Kardashians….maybe we could find some of them alive

    1. Are you aware that the truck was borrowed from a family member and that it hindered their arrival to his actual address? All of the involved agencies did their jobs within the confines of the law and procedure.

      The notification delay to local media as well as the aamber Alert delay may have been contributing factors in their being a few steps behind him.

      This is why it is so vital to examine Missouri’s Amber Alert procedure and address this problem so it doesn’t happen again on a comfirmed abduction.

  8. I had worked with alot of kids during the years I lived in springfield.. I would love to see that law passed I have my phone to go off for E alerts. So when the S.O.S buzzed I went right to the news to hear it’s allready happen way before the issued alert

  9. Some people are having trouble getting to this website. Today I got the message that Google couldn’t direct me, but on the 2nd try I found it. I’m trying to share it, can you make it easier to get to?

    1. Carol, I’ve added Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Pinterest goodies to the right of the screen. Google adwords will be up soon enough.

      However, even if they just type the following into Google, it should come up in the top 2 searches: haileyslaw.com

  10. I would like to see No red tape when it comes to amber alert.It needs to go out immediately. I believe a different out come would have taken place if it didn’t take 3 hrs to get amber alert out.

  11. I want to know what exactly will this law entell. What’s gonna be the punishment for sex offenders or crime against children

    1. Erik, there are already state statutes for sex offenses against children as well as kidnapping. Hailey’s Law is geared toward addressing the problem of the Amber Alert delay. Had there been just 15 minutes on the Amber Alert instead of 2 hours, Hailey might just be alive today.

  12. Do you have to live in Missouri to help get support for this law? I live in Iowa & would love to help you get Haileys Law passed.

    1. Great question. You would need to live in Missouri to get their attemtion. But, this impacts visitors to Missouri. So, if you travel here use that as an angle.

      You can also send a copy to your own legislators, send them to the website, and even send them to the Facebook page. See our FAQ section on that.

  13. The safety of our community should always be of the upmost importance. We get weather alerts and updates and even sirens when we need to take cover for our protection. A abduction is just as important to our community, sound that siren so the community is aware. Not to mention we have the alert flashing signs through out Springfield they should be used as intended during such a tragic time they have no problem of warning us to not drink and drive or reminding to wear our seat belts. These types of alerts shouldn’t be that hard to re-word/program so that the community can be aware. Personally, I would rather our community over react rather than under react. We have funding for camera through out Springfield, maybe the closest video camera to the incident could of been viewed to verify Haileys abduction as well as given direction of travel. The Amber Alert should be a top priority for every community, and I am really distrubed to learn of this issue. There is no excuse for this kind of community neglect, and maybe if the community was aware of the failure within this system we tax payers could of helped come up with a solution.

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