Bleed Red with the Cardinals event!

When: July 20th and 21st

Where:  Community Blood Ce ter of the Ozarks on South Campbell at Plainview Road.  Springfield, Mo

What: 2-day blood drive

Return on your donation:  2 Springfield Cardinals tickets, a goodie bag with a t-shirt and more, hot dogs and soda at lunch time or dinner time, a chance to win raffle prizes like Cards schwag, a team autographed baseball, and more.

Filibuster stopped passing, but we’re NOT done!

Sadly, after Right To Work passed, some in Jefferson City chose to act like spoiled children and freeze all Senate bills in a filibuster for two days.

If you watched the news then you likely saw Senator Keaveny’s brush-off of Mr. Barfield as he attempted to get Hailey’s Law in front of the Senate for a vote.

This was not the only important bill to die in filibuster this year, several others met a similar fate.  This is the second year in a row that filibuster has stopped Hailey’s Law, this time it was a Senate vote away from passage.

As such, this effort will continue to push forward and those involved will continue their resolve to make changes for the sake of our children.  While the session is over for now, the family will be engaging in outreach to victim families of similar tragedy as well as helping with fundraising efforts for those folks.  Stay tuned as events get announced!

Call your Missour Senator NOW!

Full court press time folks.  The Democrats lost on right to work and have now fillibustered every bill before the senate in retaliation.  Although I applaud the fillibuster effort, it is vital that we call those Democrats and get them to read, vote on, and pass HB635, Hailey’s Law.  If they do nothing else, this one bill needs to pass.

Jeff and Stacey are already in Jefferson City, so if you can be there before 6 pm, go for it and make these senators tell you no to your face!  Be professional, it accomplishes a lot.  Session ends at 6 tonight and this will be the SECOND time our legislature has failed to take action to correct the broken Amber Alert system.

Passed Senate Committee, on to a Senate vote!

On May 4th, 2015 Rep. Burlison’s Hailey’s Law provision passed the Senate Committee!  It now goes before the Senate for a vote

Thank you to everyone involved. Now go write your Missouri Senators and ask them to pass it!