NO Amber Alert in the Branson case!

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what it is going to take for our law enforcement and legislators to finally “get it”, but this madness of acceptable losses due to how a procedure is written must stop.

A 6

-year old’s life is always in danger when separated from his or her parents and the parents do not know the location of their child.   I

 am deeply concerned that

concerned about why she didn’t meet the criteria.  chances are they could not demonstrate “immediate threat or danger” to this little girl.  Frankly, I’m sickened by that one piece of criteria and our law enforcement should be as well.

Stay glued to that story, there could be some really big information or evidence come out of this one.  Example: if she didn’t scream when lured in with candy, that could indicate she had seen or met him before and felt comfortable with his presence.  It could also mean she hadn’t been taught stranger-danger.

1-Year Vigil Rescheduled!

Hamlin Memprial Baptist Church – 7 p.m.

829 West Atlantic apologize for the late notice.  Site admin didn’t find out until this afternoon that it was rescheduled for today.



6-year old in Branson!

A 6-year old girl was murdered on Saturday in Branson, Mo.  She was found in a hotel room after police responded to a report of a “lost child”.

There are a lot of assumptions that can be made by that phrasing, so do not read it as though there was the right information for an Amber Alert.  We currently do not have that information or if Branson utilized their local burst for this.  There may not have been a “missing child” reported.  More details are coming.


UPDATE! Media isn’t reporting all of what is needed.  There apparently was an alert sent out, we will confirm which one and why.

House Bill 635 Introduced – Burlison!

Representative Eric Burlison introduced House Bill 635.  it is essentially the same bill he tried for last session, but this time it’s early.  Call your legislators and let’s get moving on 635!

635 is important as it nails down some vital funding and makes a change that is necessary to expedite the paperwork side of the house.  There’s roughly 30 minutes that can e cut out of the process, but it’s only on the administrative side, not the operator (field officer) side.  It’s one piece of the puzzle folks, so stay tuned!

Sign The Petiton!

The Barfield family, Hailey’s parents, have posted a petition on change,org to start a new push for changes to the Amber Alert system.  We are still seeing an average timeframe of 2 hours to issue and the MSHP is issuing alerts that violate the parental custody deny criteria.  We are all glad to see the MSHP put the safety of the child over that denial criteria!

Sign The Petition!


Candlelight Vigil 2/18

On February 18th, 2015 we cross the 1-year anniversary of Hailey’s abduction and the extinguishing of her light  Please join the Barfield family in a candlelight vigil in remembrance of this loss that brought so many together from so many places, both near and far.  We would like to encourage you to wear Hailey footprint t-shirts as well as pink and purple.

If you are unable to make it, you are welcome to post a photo of your own candlelight or porchlight that night to the Facebook page about the vigil.

When: 2/18/15

Time: 8:30 p.m. (2030 hours)

Where:  Hailey’s Playground beside Wesport Elementary

Feel free to drop in on the Facebook page and share this event!


Protective orders on certain evidence appear to be granted.

According to the docket entries, it appears that the protective orders for specific pieces of evidence may have been granted.  Some of you may be wondering why protecting these items is important.  One aspect is it strips the suspect’s ability to relive the moment in graphic detail.

Here’s what’s covered:
Contents of the purple folder and other pornographic writings found in the suspect’s home.

Crime scene photos and autopsy photos of Hailey.

The contents of Hailey’s cellular phone.

Case STAYS in Greene County!

The case will remain in Greene County, but a jury will come in from another county.  To keep from tainting the jury pool, we will not post what county it is coming from until the media does.

The media announced the jury will come from Platte County.

Wood appeared tired or exhausted and he has gained quite a bit of weight.