Sign The Petiton!

The Barfield family, Hailey’s parents, have posted a petition on change,org to start a new push for changes to the Amber Alert system.  We are still seeing an average timeframe of 2 hours to issue and the MSHP is issuing alerts that violate the parental custody deny criteria.  We are all glad to see the MSHP put the safety of the child over that denial criteria!

Sign The Petition!


Candlelight Vigil 2/18

On February 18th, 2015 we cross the 1-year anniversary of Hailey’s abduction and the extinguishing of her light  Please join the Barfield family in a candlelight vigil in remembrance of this loss that brought so many together from so many places, both near and far.  We would like to encourage you to wear Hailey footprint t-shirts as well as pink and purple.

If you are unable to make it, you are welcome to post a photo of your own candlelight or porchlight that night to the Facebook page about the vigil.

When: 2/18/15

Time: 8:30 p.m. (2030 hours)

Where:  Hailey’s Playground beside Wesport Elementary

Feel free to drop in on the Facebook page and share this event!


Protective orders on certain evidence appear to be granted.

According to the docket entries, it appears that the protective orders for specific pieces of evidence may have been granted.  Some of you may be wondering why protecting these items is important.  One aspect is it strips the suspect’s ability to relive the moment in graphic detail.

Here’s what’s covered:
Contents of the purple folder and other pornographic writings found in the suspect’s home.

Crime scene photos and autopsy photos of Hailey.

The contents of Hailey’s cellular phone.

Case STAYS in Greene County!

The case will remain in Greene County, but a jury will come in from another county.  To keep from tainting the jury pool, we will not post what county it is coming from until the media does.

The media announced the jury will come from Platte County.

Wood appeared tired or exhausted and he has gained quite a bit of weight.

New effort by JBE ENT!

Most of us will never forget the beautiful candle light walk for Hailey and the massive turn out.  One person cast a stone and caused a ripple to help make that happen.  He has cast another stone and we would like to help propel that ripple.

JBE ENT., has started Project 417 Unity with the intent of uniting musicians and the community to provide an outlet for our youth to express their talents.

An effort to begin funding it has already started on Facebook.  Search for 417 Unity.  Link to come!

Let’s make a difference!

Change of venue update!

Attorney Berrigan and the prosecution have come to an agreement on change of venue.  The details are not clear, but will be covered on October 2nd at the COV hearing.

If this case leaves Greene County, followers have asked if they can donate to help the family and witnesses with travel and lodging expenses for court.  Hailey’s Law site admin has been granted approval by the family to look into this IF it becomes a reality.

We will keep you posted!

The next steps

Several people have asked site admin what is next.  Given that we are still seeing Amber Alert delays of 1-3 hours, something more needs to be done.  We warned that the MSHP’s electronic form would only impact the back side of the timeline for an alert and that the leading portion would remain broken.  This has been reinforced over and over across the country with massive delays, several of which have been in Missouri.  One of late was a little boy who faced a 3 hour delay.

We must decentralize this process!  Kansas City, St. Louis, and now Branson have localized capabilities.  Others should as well.  Marc Klaas has argued against a centralized Amber Alert since the 1990’s.  Why is it our law enforcement community often does the same thing for decades when they know it isn’t within the statistics?  Then they wait until a law or the courts tell them they have to act.  The answer is legal liability.  We need to get back to law enforcement that thinks outside the box.

Change of venue update!

The defense affirmed their request for a change of venue at the pretrial comference on 8/26/14. The prosecution stated they would nt object to bringing jurors in from another county, yet the defense objects.

Keep in mind that a change of venue request is common for a case such as this.  It is done to try to ensure that a fair trial is given to the accused.  

In some cases the evidence is so strong that a change of venue is moot.

Bringing jurors in from a neighboring county is the wise choice.  A full change of venue makes it difficult for the family to get to and from court, a very undue burden for them.  It would prevent members of the impacted community from attending as well.  You can bet the defense wants just that as it lessens the emotion in the court room, it disconnects jurors from the victims, and disenfranchises the victims.

Remember, the family are not the only victims in this case.  Secondary victims exist throught that immediate area as well as throughout Springfield as a result of the terror caused by the suspect.

Wood pleads not guilty!

As many expected, C.M.W. plead not guilty at his arraignment today, June 20, 2014.  This is the point where two things begin to take place.

The pressure begins for the prosecution to get him to talk to see if there are other victims in his past.  As it stands, it looks like that’s more of a real possibility than it was thought initially when one looks at merely the evidence presented in the preliminary hearing.

The Defense will also now begin a massive data collection on media articles, websites like this one, social media pages like Facebook and Twitter from  Greene County to try to illustrate that he would not be given a fair trial in Greene County.  This has already started, but it’s now going to be on a massive scale and possibly in multiple venues.  Don’t get upset with this one, it’s common in a capital crimes case.